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Luxury living: designing the ultimate luxury bedroom

So, you want to design your very own luxury bedroom!? Great news! It’s so exciting to be able to do these types of things.

romantic bedroom

Yellow retro bedroom setYellow Bedroom
Ethnic Bedroom with traditional furniture style
The Westbury Hotel Dublin - Design and Decoration
There are many things that one can do with a basic bedroom to make it the most luxurious bedroom you’ve ever seen. Some things that you can add are simple and inexpensive, while other things you can do are not so simple and expensive.
Feng Shui Decorating Tips
Feng Shui for Bedroom
uxury bedroom LINEN

Perhaps you and you wanted at least to pamper yourself with a new set of luxury bed sheets. Impressive designs are reason enough to attract our attention, but more important is the quality bedlinen on matter.

For example, just a mere coat of paint can do wonders for a bedroom. Before deciding on a color of paint, determine how the color will look within the confines of your home. If your house is all earthly tones, how will a bright red look in your bedroom?

King Queen Sleigh Faux Leather Bed

Classic Bedroom

Adding a few brand new pieces of furniture can also work wonders for the bedroom. A new, maybe stained, wooden, huge dresser would make the whole room look newer and nicer. A brand new king size bed with a canopy over the top (maybe white lace??) or “curtains” for the bed could give the bedroom a very romantic, private feel.Contemporary Design in Central Goteborg
Bedroom Designs and Room Ideas for Modern Teens
Ideas for a modern house It really depends on what kind of atmosphere you are looking for for your bedroom. Most people recommend leaving the bedroom a room of rest and relaxation. Add a beautiful headboard, a lacy trivet for the bed, a mattress pad with a topnotch mattress, 1200 thread count sheets with a matching comforter, and you’ve got yourself a bed that will for sure be very inviting every night. No doubt you will have no problem falling asleep every night.
fancy chair bedroom set
luxury bedroom
luxury bed sheets in black and white
Perhaps a fancy chair with a nice bookshelf full of new, interesting books can really add a note of relaxation to the whole bedroom. You want the bedroom to be a place where you can relax and forget about the cares of this world.

lettosteps1 Fun Bedding Design from Lago
Red Bedroom . A picture can be worth a thousand words. Adding a picture either of a very relaxing beach scene, a cozy house in the middle of a snowstorm, a fancy, dressed up lady with a glass of wine, or maybe just a very fancy portrait of you and your husband can give the bedroom that one personal and soothing touch that every bedroom needs to have.Decorating a Child's Room
Satin sheets look great, easy to maintain, but are too slippery to sleep and get away easily and recruiting. Silk sheets provide the best comfort for your body, look very beautiful and add luxury in the situation.

Cotton is very suitable for bed linen, durable and breathable "material is the difficulty in ironing. Are very practical combination of polyester and cotton, as long as the percentage of artificial ingredient should not exceed 50%.
Tips for kid’s bedroom interior designing
luxury bedroom LINEN

luxury bedroom LINEN and modern design
Discount Home Decor Ideas

flyer bed

Organization and cleanliness will add a lot to the bedroom. There are many companies out there that can widen your closet, give you more closet space, and just overall, make your closet a better, more organized place to put your personal belongings. Looking into one of these places may be a good idea, especially if you have a lot of things that want in your closet. Keeping the bedroom immaculately clean and organized will also add to the luxury of the room.
Modern Touch For Your Bedroom Design
Modern and Stylish Bedroom Designs
romantic bedroom picturesClassic Bedroom
If finances allow, consider having a fireplace built in for those snowy, romantic nights. Perhaps add a mini-refrigerator with a beautiful crystal ice bucket and a bottle of Dom Perignon, and maybe some strawberries and whipped cream, or peeled grapes. Candles in the room can also make the room smell fancy and romantic, and can add the perfect dim lighting for a romantic night in front of the fireplace with some special romantic foods.Extravagant Bed Design - Modern Bedroom Design
Modern Minimalist Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Don’t forget the bathroom. Adding in a luxurious jacuzzi would be a great idea of luxury! Sometimes you can even get a fireplace right on the side of the wall where the jacuzzi is. No doubt this would be a hot combination at times, but it would also be the epitome of luxury!

bedroom inspiration 2modern Bedroom

Windows, windows, windows. A beautiful bay window with french style doors and gorgeous lace or satin curtains would be beautiful. Also, consider having the master bedroom be on the lower floor. Having a deck right outside the master bedroom suite would be magical.

bedroom inspiration 3

Hardwood flooring or special carpeting would probably finish off the room. There are so many ideas for luxury bedrooms, and it really depends on your finances, your commitment, and your idea of what a luxurious bedroom means. Good luck!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Dining Room

I am very much proud of this post, the room and everything it very simple yet very appealing to the eye. Thanks for sharing!

{Note:these pictures are old and I have modified a bit since but the colors, furniture, and chandelier is the same}

In my home I have a lovely dining set given to me by Brad's mother.. I adore it.. However, the cream fabric does not love our two daughters. :)

{Following pictures are not mine {How I wish.} but are for inspiration}

I am in the beginning stages of reupholstering said set of chairs.. deciding a fabric..

I love cream and chocolate and will keep that the same.. I just need fabric that can handle spaghetti and spilled chocolate milk...

I am considering using cream faux croc. What do you think?

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is the most wonderful interior desing in 2010?

Im kinda wondering for what will be the best interior design for this year. I have a prospective that this year would be just like a flash back for the past fashion interior designs with some additional tweak. but, I know that thiers always been a big difference between past designs and present. The new era of designing and the collaborative ideas will come up for the most the unique interior designs. you are free to comment this blog for your ideas for this year.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Modern Living Room Interior Designs

My favorite room Collections, I hope someday I can leave this kind of rooms!
The room designs I found it here.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My top 5 Fave Glass tables

I saw this very beautiful designs of tables I in a very nice post here The designs are great I considered it as one of the 21st century designs. Hope you like, alright its time for me to look for another great desing.

Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 Modern Living Room Interior Design

2010 Modern Living Room Interior Design2010 Modern Living Room Interior Design
luxury_italian_contemporary_architecture_property_modern_home_interior_design_living_room_furniture_seating_chairs_red_white2010 modern flowery living room interior design
Design Interior Modern Living Room 2010

2010 dark living room interior design

2010 ultra modern living room interior design


Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Refreshing Spin on Vinyl wall decor

It's shameful that I'm just showing this to you guys as I was introduced to Uppercase Living in October. Better late than never?

Vinyl wall decor is very popular now so I think the trick to avoiding "cliche" is to find new ways to use it -whether it be in/on an unusual place or make it extremely personalized. On Uppercase Living you can definitely find some new ideas when it comes to using wall decals.

Frame your decal

I like the abstract botanical decal used to anchor bed visually


I also think words/phrases work when used sparingly in certain rooms, mostly the kitchen, children's rooms, or home offices/studios.

What do you think of these? Are any of these appealing to you - do you have any clever wall decal solutions to share?

Also one cool thing about the website is that you can pick a decal and test it against your wall color - or see how it looks on a mirror, etc. Here's the link for the online Design Suite.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Simon Winstanley Architects - Deepstone Residence

Simon Winstanley Architects

Deepstone Residence

Of the earth - nestled in to the site of a former quarry, Simon Winstanley Architects have created the perfect "viewmaster" in the Solway Firth, Scotland (National Scenic Area).

The design meets the client's brief for a contemporary, energy efficient home which fully embraces the view
and relates to the surrounding context and landscape. The light, airy first floor contrasting the solid lower level, minimising the visual impact of the house, nestling it into the site. Open plan, the predominantly glazed top floor, provides two living rooms and a wonderful central entertaining kitchen dining area. Quite how the guests will tear their eyes from the view is another issue all together.

The site is a steeply sloping, former quarry in a National Scenic Area which slopes steeply in two directions from the quarry base which forms the only level ground access.
The house is conceived as a stone plinth which echos the exposed quarry face and houses the bedrooms
with a garage & entrance under at the level of the quarry base.

Layout & Materials
The principal living accommodation is expressed as a lightweight glazed "pavilion" sitting on the solid plinth. It is set back to form an external terrace facing the sea and to reduce the apparent mass of the house.
The glazed pavilion is constructed with a steel frame and highly insulated timber infill panels clad in cedar and triple glazed windows. The roof, although thick internally to provide very high levels of insulation, is cantilevered on all sides with projecting expressed douglas fir rafters to give a thin, elegant leading edge.
The roof is finished in standing seam pre-fabricated grey zinc. The masonry base is finished in stone from re-cycled quarry waste.

The design uses the most energy efficient construction & technology where possible as part of a sustainable approach to building for the future:

  • the external walls, floor and roof are insulated to a high standard and air infiltration is minimised.
  • triple glazed windows with warm edge spacer bars, thermally broken frames and inert gas filled to achieve a whole window u-value of 0.7W/m2K.
  • heat pump using a borehole as the ground source for the underfloor heating and hot water system with a closed combustion wood burning stove as back up.
  • micro generation of renewable electricity using roof mounted Photovoltaic Panels.
  • whole house heat recovery ventilation system.

The project has recently received a string of awards - a prestigious Saltire Society Housing Design Award, one of only two awarded this year, a Design Commendation from the Glasgow Institute of Architects and a Chartered Institute of Building Commendation Award. The project was also shortlisted in the Roses Design Awards.

Project location
Solway Firth, Scotland
Simon Winstanley Architects


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