Friday, February 12, 2010

Cool Colors For Glam Rooms

While many teen girls enjoy vibrant, warm colors in their rooms, there are others who prefer cooler and more subtle hues.

Colors such as gray, soft blues and greens, and muted purples all work well together to create a very relaxing and elegant space.

Gray is a wonderful modern wall color, but if you find it to be somewhat drab, you can always add pops of more vivid colors such as red, orange and yellow -- just to add a bit of energy and balance to your teen's bedroom.

Since many teen girls are into the 'look of glamour,' I've included this inspiration board {below} that includes elegant furnishings and super serene colors: black, silver-gray and purple.

A soft, silvery wall color can really set the tone for a peaceful bedroom -- which isn't a bad idea for teens. Between school, friends, technology and extracurricular activities, even our children can get a little frazzled. So, here are some of my favorite paint picks from Sherwin-Williams:

{Celestial, Mystical Shade, Ash Violet, Daydream, Vesper Violet, Quietude}

Inspiration Board photos from:,,,, All other photos from decorpad.

Kelly Porter, designer and publisher of Color Sizzle, is a featured contributor.



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